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  • What do I need to do to remodel?
    SO YOU'VE DECIDED TO REMODEL... Measuring your space is a critical step in determining your room layout. Here is a simple guide outlining the tools you'll need, step-by-step instructions on how to measure for cabinets, and some important tips. Once you've had an initial consultation with Silvester Glass we'd be happy to measure your site. Having rough dimensions and images available for the initial meetings are helpful in determining the overall scope of the project. Book a no obligation meeting with Silvester Glass then we'd be happy to measure your site
  • What supplies do I need to measure a room?
    A 25' long tape measure Pad of paper, preferably grid paper Pencil or pen, and another writing instrument in another color or a highlighter An extra set of hands
  • How do I measure a room?
    To begin, draw an outline of the room Measure and note the ceiling height Measure and note all wall lengths Check corner 'squareness' at the floor, base and wall cabinet levels to determine if you will have any issues during installation. To check for corner 'squareness': Mark a point 3 feet out from the corner of one wall Mark a point 4 feet out from the corner of the adjacent wall Measure the distance between the two marked points, if the distance is 5 feet, the corner is square (If your walls are not square, don't worry, a good installer will be able to work around any issues by using shims between the cabinets and the wall) Measure and note the location of obstacles along each wall, recording their height, width and depth from outside edge to outside edge (Include doors, windows and pipe chases) Identify and note existing plumbing, electrical and lighting centerlines on all walls including: Plumbing Range hook-up Light switches Electrical outlets Lighting fixtures Phone jacks Heating/Air vents Record the height from finished floor for items like windows, outlets, and vents Record measurements of any free-standing furniture pieces or appliances that may stay in the room Have an electrician check the electrical service panel conditions to ensure it can handle any change of appliances you may be making in the kitchen If attic or basement walls will be affected by the renovation, make sure any plumbing or venting changes are verified by a professional
  • Tips for measuring a room
    Note window size & placement Note locations of ventilation and duct-work on your drawing Measure any items that will stay in the room and relate to your floor plan Make note of any electrical details, such as switching and outlets that need to stay, or could possibly be moved If you will be working around existing lighting fixtures, list their dimensions to avoid any obstruction with taller items like pantry cabinets or refrigerators Once your designer has measured the space, double and triple check the measurements prior to placing your order; every component order is custom and items will be made especially for you
  • What are the benefits of having my doors professionally adjusted?
    Doors that are properly adjusted will be easier to open and close, and will fit more snugly in their frames. This can help to improve the security of your home or business, and can also reduce drafts.
  • How much looking after do PVC windows need?
    Virtually none. PVC windows are extremely low maintenance and never need painting.
  • What are the benefits of double pane windows?
    Double pane windows are extremely energy efficient, and can help to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. It also reduces noise pollution, and is more durable than single-glazed windows.
  • What are the benefits of triple pane windows?
    Triple glazing is even more energy efficient than double pane windows, and provides high performance when used in combination with a fiberglass frame. It is extremely durable and the heavy weight makes it a stronger and longer lasting window.
  • Can you replace the glass in my existing windows?
    Yes, we offer window replacement services. Whether you need a new seal, energy-efficient glass, or simply want to update the look of your home or business, Silvester Glass can help.
  • Can I get glass cut to a custom size or shape?
    Yes, we offer a custom glass cutting service. We can cut glass to any size or shape, and we have a wide range of glass types and thicknesses to choose from.
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