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Why choose triple pane windows?

Double pane windows are a great choice, but triple pane windows are a better solution all round. Double pane windows (the standard type of glazing found in Canada) provide the follwoing benefits:

✔ Costs less than triple pane windows

✔ Can reduce up to 50% heat loss

✔ Weighs less than triple pane units

✔ More popular than triple pane units due to its price

✔ Performs best with a fiberglass frame

However, triple pane windows are even better:

✔ The most energy efficient glazing option for your windows

✔ lower u-values than double pane windows

✔ High performance when used in combination with a fiberglass frame

✔ Safer than double pane windows

✔ Extremely durable

✔ Heavy weight makes it a stronger and longer lasting window

The next time you need new windows, make sure to choose triple pane technology - it makes sense for so many reasons.

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